Our cuisine

Food & Pleasure

First let us consider how they will live

They will produce grain ,wine , cloaks and shoes

They will prepare flour from barley and wheat

Their  appetizers will have  salt, olives and cheese

And they will boil up bulbs and other vegetables as they do now in the country

And perhaps they will serve them deserts, figs chickpeas and beans and they will drink moderately with their meals

And with peaceful and healthy life of this kind they will no doubt reach old age and pass on a similar style of life to their offspring.




The past is present and enriches this uniquely beautiful area of Greece,

with pictures, colors, smells and tastes unique and tasty!

These flavors are” recipes” and ” secrets” were recorded and presented in Remezzo

by George and Anna made ​​with pure traditional materials

Greek land and sea with modern touches of creative Mediterranean cuisine

offering truly delicious masterpieces but simply rely on pure

materials in clean, simple and healthy Mediterranean dishes!

So enjoy the creative culinary culture of Remezzo

and unique view and atmosphere by the sea at the port of Chalki!